P2PE Direct to Merchants

Bluefin’s Omni-Channel PCI-Validated P2PE Solution Direct to Merchants

Bluefin is currently the only PCI-validated P2PE provider that has decoupled P2PE capabilities from payment processing. Our Decryptx® P2PE Direct to Merchant solution can be accessed through a direct connection to Bluefin – making our P2PE option available with no change to a retailer or enterprise’s processing environment.

Merchant Managed Benefits

  • Code directly to our Decryptx API from your data center to eliminate customer and employee endpoints, networks, and environments from your PCI scope.
  • Immediately gain access to the largest selection of PCI-validated P2PE payment terminals and Key Injection Facilities (KIFs) available in the market.
  • Bluefin can support and manage the requirements for all components included in a validated P2PE solution (Domains 1-6) including encryption management services, the decryption environment, chain-of-custody, Remote Key Injection (RKI) and KIFs.
  • Easily add to or modify your existing payment ecosystem without any impact on your payment security strategy.
  • Shift the liability of securing your payment environment to the leading experts in payment security; we manage the 649 requirements for PCI P2PE.
  • Fit your global expansion needs; our P2PE products are in available in 30 countries.

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Reduce Scope and Get Significant Cost Savings

PCI-validated Point to Point Encryption (P2PE)

  • Reduce PCI Scope: Merchants that implement PCI P2PE in their card present environment reduce their PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to 33 questions (from 329 in a SAQ D)
  • Cost Savings: PCI P2PE reduces PCI costs by over 70%, with savings from reduction in penetration testing, vulnerability scans, compliance assessments and more
  • Highest Level of Security: PCI P2PE solutions have been fully vetted by a third party and adhere to rigorous key injection, chain of custody, device management, and hardware decryption standards

Simplified Device Management

P2PE Manager

Every merchant that utilizes the Bluefin P2PE solutions have access to our P2PE Manager®, a 100% online system that enables merchants to monitor the complete lifecycle of each payment device while administering P2PE activities and ensuring compliance.

  • Manage: Users, Partners, Clients, Locations
  • Devices: Device Deployment, Activation, Termination
  • Shipments: Track Device Shipping (chain of custody)
  • Equipment: Deploy New Equipment, Order Inventory
  • Transactions: Transactional, Device, User History
  • Attestations: Create or Upload Attestations
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Bluefin Provides a Flexible P2PE Solution for Retailers and Enterprises – with No Processor Lock-in