P2PE Manager®

Bluefin’s Patented 100% Online P2PE Management System for Partners and Clients

Bluefin’s patented P2PE Manager® is a 100% online system that offers merchants an easy-to-use tool to administer their P2PE activities and ensure compliance that will allow your business to get the full benefits of PCI-validated P2PE scope reduction.

The P2PE Manager enables Bluefin clients to monitor the complete lifecycle of a payment device. This includes key injection, device shipping and tracking for chain-of-custody, device state and attestation management, and a record of every decryption performed by every device.

Components of the P2PE Manager include:
  • Merchant Setup
  • Designating Users
  • Locations
  • Device Shipments
  • Device Management
  • Device Status Changes
  • PCI Compliance Reporting and Audit Tools
P2PE Manager Features
  • Manage: Users, Partners, Clients, Locations
  • Devices: Device Deployment, Activation, Termination (end of life)
  • Shipments: Track Device Shipping (chain of custody)
  • History: Transactional, Device, User History
  • Reports: Management, Device, Shipment, Transactional Reports for Exporting/Download, P2PE Annual Audit
Managing Users/Custodians
P2PE Manager Managing Users
Device Details
P2PE Manager Device Details
Chain of Custody Tracking/Reporting
P2PE Manager Chain of Custody Tracking/Reporting
Transactional Viewing/Detail
P2PE Manager Transactional Viewing/Detail
Report Exporting
P2PE Manager Report Exporting
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